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Many times when you go to a dealership, you are immediately met by an overly-aggressive salesperson who immediately wants to get you into the store, so they can quickly retrieve personal information and determine what car they can sell you. This process is incredibly uncomfortable from the start and typically puts you, the customer, on edge. After hours of test drives and the infamous ''back and forth" process between you and the mysterious manager who keeps sending back a price that is not what you and the salesperson have talked about the entire time, the only thought that you have is that you want to get out of there. Yet, the pressure continues until you either give in or actually do leave. Either way, it wasn't a good experience, which leaves a bad impression about buying a vehicle.


Here at Pro Toyz, we want to change that perception and give you, the customer, an experience that is extremely enjoyable and fair. No more high pressure sales environment, no more spending three to four hours in the sales process, no more receiving a price that is not what was listed on the internet, and no more dealing with the mysterious manager who you never get to meet. Pro Toyz will offer a buying experience that will take no longer than 30-45 minutes from start to finish. Our prices are what we consider, ''pure-pricing,'' which means there is no negotiating. The price is what it is and should be thousands less than what the franchised dealers will sell theirs for. Here at Pro Toyz, you will deal with the manager directly, which means no back and forth sales experience. If you like the vehicle and like the price, then it's yours. If not, no big deal. We want you happy with the car you decide to buy. Every vehicle comes with a FREE Carfax History Report, PLEASE call to check availability or TEXT 727.235.3410




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